Welcome to Black Swan Haven

About this site

This is a site for the use of Black Swans. Donors of all types, family members, and friends of vampires are more than welcome here, as are their vampires. We are here to be a support system for black swans, both new to the community and old. We want to make the swan community as lively as the vampire community we are all members of. There is no reason for us to hide in the dark. We are who we are, and it's time we embraced it, and spoke up!
Currently, our forums are down for reconstruction. As soon as possible, we will be notifying our members so that they can reactivate their accounts, in addition to opening our doors to new members. Please bear with us during this time. As always, you can contact us through our email address, or hit us up via Twitter. Black Swan Haven has its own account, as seen to your left. Acrophobic Pixie also has a public account that you can contact her through.

What's a black swan?

A black swan is a nickname for friends, family, and donors to real vampires. You don't need to take a test, get a license, etc, to be one. We're a special group of people, just like our vampiric loved ones.

We do have some expectations

No flame wars. No trolling. Any conflicts should be dealt with between the parties involved civilly. If not able to resolve conflicts, then bring any situations to the site admins. Be nice. As Lady Slinky has said, This isn't preschool, people. If you can't play nice, you won't play at all.

Any questions? I thought not.

The Black Swan Haven Mission Statement:

To help donors meet their own needs, to look after the needs of their vampire companions, to nurture young swans and help them to grow and flourish, and to promote harmony between the vampire and donor communities.

A few brief words...

What we are

A group of open minded donors and other vampire-friendly folks, from all walks of life.
We are all shapes and sizes, male and female, young and old as dirt.

What we are NOT

We are not a bunch of puppies or Renfields. We have minds and wills, and will use them, and often.
We are not a bunch of drama queens and kings, begging for attention. A few might slip through the cracks, but all communities have their own black sheep to deal with.

Tweet tweet!

Hey, all. here. Just reminding people that our forums are still down. We will notify once they return to service. Thanks!